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SNPs, Mutations and Population Genetics

SNP Databases:
CD40 Mutations European CD40L defect database
Chr 21 cSNP Human chromosome 21 cSNPs
Collagen Mutations Database of human type I and type III collagen mutations
dbSNP Database of single nucleotide polymorphism at NCBI
GAN SNP database SNPs in genes for metabolism of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other carcinogens
GeneDis Human genetic disease database
GeneSNPs Environmental genome project
GRAP GPCR mution database
HGMD Human gene mutation database at Cardiff
HGBASE Human Genic Bi-Allelic SEquences
HGBASE Human Genome Variation database
HUGO Locus specific mutation database initiative
JSNP A database of Japanese Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
LDL mutations Low density lipoprotein receptor gene in familial hypercholesterolemia
Mouse SNP Database Mouse SNP database
Muscular Distrophy Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy mutation database
MutBase Mutation spectra database at Yale
P53 mutation database p53 mutation database
r-RNA mutation database Ribosomal RNA mutation database
Seattle SNPs SNPs in genes that underlie inflammatory responses in humans
TSC The SNP consortium

Population Genetics:
HuGE Net Human  Genome Epidemiology Network at CDC
Genography Human population genetics database
Ankara University Mutation database of Turkish population

Mutation and Model organisms:
ENU mutagenesis project Phenotypes indentified in the mutagenesis project
Mouse models of diseases Mouse models at university of Toronto
Model Organisms NIH model organism resources

Transgenic Information:
Big Blue Transgenic rodents for the study of mutation in animals
Transgenics Transgenic and targeted mutant animal database at ORNL
TBASE The transgenic and targeted mutation database at the Jackson labs
Transgenic and Knockout mice Lots of transgenic related information
BayGenomics Inactivate thousands of genes in mouse embryonic stem (ES)

Mutation DBs Links to many mutation databases
Locus Specific Databases Links to several locus specific mutation databases
Genetic Association DB Human genetic association studies of complex diseases and disorders

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