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Microarrays, DNA Chips & Differential Displays

Microarray Data Standards
GEO Gene expression omnibus at NCBI
MAGE MicroArray and Gene Expression
MGED Microarray gene expression database group
MIAME Minimum information about a microarray experiment
Gene Expression Databases:
ArrayExpress Microarray based gene expression data at EBI
AREX The Arabidopsis expression database
Body Map Human and mouse expression database
Cardiovascular The Cardiac Genes Database
EpoDB Genes related to vertebrate red blood cells
ExpressDB Yeast RNA expression data
Fly-Trap Fruit fly brain gene expressiond atabase
GEO Public gene expression data from various platforms at NCBI
GXD Gene expression database of mouse
HLA-I HLA class I information at Washington university
Microarray Links Gene expression and microarray related links
MIRAGE Molecular informatics resource for the analysis of gene expression
Module Map Conditional activity of expression modules in cancer
Oncomine Cancer microarray database
PEDB Prostate expression database
RAD RNA abundance database
RegulonDB Database on transcription regulation in E Coli
SarcoGene Skeletal muscle gene expression database
Stem Cells Stem cell database
Tooth Development Gene expression during tooth development
Pancreas Endocrine pancreas consortium 
Microarray Projects:
AECOM Chip based functional genomics studies
Bibliography Bibliography on microarry data analysis
ChipDB Database of gene expression at MIT
DNA Microarray An excellent site for DNA microarray related information
EBI Microarray informatics at EBI
ENS, France Microarrays
EPAMAC U.S. Environment Protection Agency microarray consortium
GridIt Resources for microarrays
mAdb at NCI Mad bee project at NCI
MAP The microarray project at NHGRI
PaGE Patterns of gene expression at UPENN
SMD Stanford microarray database
Microarrays.org A public source for microarray protocols and software at UCSF
NCI60 NCI60 cancer microarray project
NIEHS NIEHS cDNA microarray group
MAXD Data warehouse and visualisation for microarray data at Manchester
Microarray data Pat Brown lab at Stanford
NIEHS NIEHS microarray center
OCI Ontario cancer institute microarray center

The Keck DNA Microarray Resource at Yale

Other Differential Display Methods:
SAGE Serial analysis of gene expression at NIH
SAGE Net Extensive SAGE related information
SADE A SAGE adaptation for down sized extracts
RAGE Rapid analysis of gene expression at M.D. Anderson cancer center
Tissue Specific Expression Databases
CellProbDB Information about membrane channels, receptor and neurotransmitters
EpoDB Erythropoiesis database at UPENN
MGAP Mammary Genome Anatomy Project
NeuronDB Database of voltage gated conductance's, neurotransmitter substances and receptor
Companies & Businesses page for commercial packages for data analysis and visulization tools
Go to Analysis page to find many good utilities
BRB Array Tools Free analysis software from NCI
Eisen Lab at LBNL Sveral analysis tools available
TIGR Several tools from TIGR
XCluster Clustering tool from Stanford
UnCHIP Program to convert Affymetrix probe set

Association analysis between microarray oligonucleotide probes and transcripts in genomic context

Microarray Related Links


The informational web site on biochip technologies

Horizon Press

Microarray information

Microarray Links

Susanna Sansones page


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