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Proteomics, Protein Arrays and Mass Spectrometry

Proteomics Information     

e-NMR NMR information on ALTRUIS biomedical network Proteomics information on ALTRUIS biomedical network
Human protein reference database
IonSource Mass spectrometry resources
CPRMap Proteomics Resources

2D Protein Databases
2D page database of proteins
Heart 2D Page The human myocardial two-dimensional electrophoresis protein database 
HSC 2D Page 2-DE gel protein databases at Harefield (heart and endothelial cells)
2DWG Database NCI 2D WG image meta-database
Open 2D Prot
n-dimentional protein expression data analysis
SWISS 2D Page SWISS-2DPAGE two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis database
Heart 2DE Heart 2-DE database at Max Delbruck center for molecular medicine
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