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Protein Interactions, Signalling & Molecular Pathways

Biochemical pathways
BRITE Biomolecular Relations in Information Transmission and Expression
EcoCyc/MetaCyc Encyclopedia of E. coli genes and metabolism; Metabolic encyclopedia
EMP Metabolic pathways
KEGG Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes
Biochemical Pathways Enzyme database and link to biochemical pathway map
Interactive Fly Biochemical pathways in Drosophila
Metabolic Pathway Metabolic pathways of biochemistry
Molecular interaction Kohn molecular interaction maps
Malaria parasite Malaria Parasite metabolic pathways
aMAZE Protein function and biochemical pathways project at EBI
PathDB Metabolic pathway information
UM-BBD Microbial biocatalytic reactions and biodegradation pathways primarily for xenobiotic, chemical compounds
WIT Function assignments to genes and the development of metabolic models
THCME Medical Biochemistry Descrition of several metabolic and biochemical pathways

Signalling pathways
Apoptosis Pathways of apoptosis at KEGG
BBID Database of images of biological pathways, macromolecular structures, gene families, and cellular relationships
BioCarta Several signalling pathways
BIND The biomolecular interaction network database
CSNDB Cell signaling networks database 
GeneNet Information on gene networks, groups of coordinately working genes
GeNet Information on functional organization of regulatory gene networks
SPAD Signalling pathway database
STKE Pathway information
TransPath Pathways involved in the regulation of transcription factors

Protein-protein interactions
Blue Print
Biological interaction database
CYGD Protein-protein interaction map at Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database
Visulization and analysis of biological network
DIP Database of interacting proteins
Gene Map Annotator and Pathway Profiler
The General Repository for Interaction Datasets
Proteome Bioknowledge
Biological information about proteins comprise Incyte's Proteome BioKnowledge Library
Protein Interaction Domains
Signal transduction
A knowledgebase of biological processes
Yeast Interaction Pathway PathCalling Yeast Interaction Database at Curagen

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