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Methods, Protocols & Laboratory Resources

Methods and Protocols
BioProtocols Protocols in biology by BioOnline (requires registration)
Protocols in Molecular biology, Immunology, genomics, etc.
CellBio Cell and molecular biology, methods and protocols
Epigenetics Protocols
Protocols for epigenetics research
Practical Molecular Biology Large list of recipes of salt solutions, laboratory buffers, media, antibiotics etc. 
Protocols Online A collection of protocols in molecular biology, immunology and cell biology
PCR info Method and trouble shooting guide to PCR and multiplex PCR
Primer Prediction Pick primers from a DNA sequence - at MIT cener for genome research
Mol Bio Protocols Molecular biology protocols
Mol Biol Techniques Several good molecular biology protocols
rDNA protocols Protocol for rDNA isolation, cloning and sequencing
RNA methods dsRNA protocols at Dixon lab, umich
Microarray Protocols Microarray protocols from Pat Brown's lab
Microarray Protocols Microarray protocols at AECOM
Yeast 2 hybrid page Lots of resources for yeast 2 hybrid studies
Laboratory Resources
ATCC Get Plasmids, vectors, cell cultures, bacteria strains, etc at ATCC
IMAGE Welcome to the world's largest public collection of genes 
DSMZ German collection microorganisma and cell lines, similar to ATCC
RZPD German collection of clones, sequences, etc.

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