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Other Resources

Patent Information:
BustPatents Legal resources and tools for surviving the patenting frenzy 
CAMBIA IP Resources
Derwent.com Patent and scientific information
EspAceNet European patent information
Free Patents Online
Full text of US patents from number 4000000 to 6862742
IDDB The investigational drugs database, competitor information
Intellectual property at National academy
PatentCafe Chat & discussion, magazine, shop cafemall, digital rights mgmt, patent search
Patent News Biotech patent news, electronic version of the mothly
United States Patent and Trademark Office

Clinical Trials:
Cancer Clinical Trials Current information about cancer clinical research studies
Clinical Trails Clinical trials information from NIH
HIV/SIV Vaccine Trials
HIV / SIV Clinical trial database

Gene Ontology:
GO consortium Produce a dynamic controlled vocabulary that can be applied to all eukaryotes

Biology Related Links:
101Science.com A science web directory
Analysis Tools Links to several analysis and bioinformatics tools
BioChemLinks Biology, chemistry and biochemistry educational web resources
BiochemInfo.org! Resources about biochemistry and its closely related fields
Biolink.org Linked biology
Biolinks Internet search engine designed by scientists, for scientists
Biology Browser
Biology information
Biology Web Directory
World wide web index project
BioNetBook A directory of web pages for biology
BioScience Links Links to several biology related topics
Biotech-Resource Excellent list of links 
BioWurld Searchable index of resources in bioinformatics & molecular biology at EBI
Cells Alive!
Images of living cells
CMS-MBR UCSD San Diego supercomputer center molecular biology resources
Colon Connection: Colon related links
CynoSite A webserver for cyanobacterial research
Genome Centers The human genome centers A-Z list
GenomeWeb Lists of genome sites
Human Genome Project Links to lots of inoformation related to genomics
Highveld The internet directory of molecular biology and biotechnology
LabVelocity Biotechnology and life science links
Lab Rat An information center for scientists, researchers and lab rats alike
Information on glow-in-the-dark organisms
Mendel.com Links and tools for the modern molecular geneticist
MBS Molecular biology shortcuts
Microbes.info The microbiology information portal
MolecularUniverse Information on molecules and molecular systems
Mutation databases Links to several mutation databases
NetVet Extensive links to veterinary and rodent information
OmegaBase Interpreting biological sequences
Large collections of recorded physiologic signals and related open-source software
The Biologist Molecular biology places of interest
Useful Links The really quite useful molecular biology page

Chemistry Related Links:
Small molecule bioactives database
Chemistry of how things work
ChemConnect The world chemical exchange
Chemistry Hypermedia Project Online chemistry resources
ChemSoc Chemical science network
ChemWeb Chemistry information
Chromatography information from Amersham

Genomics and Bioinformatics Research Labs
ANU Bioinformatics group at Australian national university
EMBL European molecular biology laboratory
EMBL-EBI European bioinformatics institute
GenomeNet Institute for chemical research, Kyoto university, Japan 
GIRI Genetic information research institute
Harvard Lipper center for computational genetics
INCOGEN The institute of computational genomics
Indiana University The center for genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics
KDRI Kazusa DNA research institute, Japan
LBNL Michael Eisen's lab LBNL
NASA Ames center for bioinformatics
NCBI National center for biotechnology information
Rockefeller Rockefeller university computing services
UPENN University of Pennsylvania computational biology and informatics lab
UTHSCSA University of Texas health science center at San Antonio
Wash U. Washington university - Merck EST project 
Whitehead Institute Whitehead institute at MIT

Drugs, Chemicals and Small Molecules
Cancer Drugs A database of anticancer drugs at Purdue
Drug InfoNet Healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics.
EEOH Environmental estrogens and other hormones 
HIC-Up Hetero-compound Information Centre - Uppsala

Dictionaries, Thesaurus and Encyclopedias
Cell & Molecular Biology The dictionary of cell and molecular biology
A medical dictionary
Directory Science
Comprehensive science directory
Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia britannica
Encyclopedia of Lifesciences Life Science information from Nature Publishing Group
Language Dictionaries Links to dictionaries in several languages
Medi-Lexicon Pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare acronyms and abbreviations
Guide to history of medicine
Roget's Thesaurus Search the headwords or full text of Roget's Thesaurus
Web Ends
Medical terminology dictionary
WHO Link Medical and biological dictionaries, thesauri and encyclopedias
Word IQ
Search engine searches other sites
Your Dictionary Look  up any word anywhere, multilingual too

1Up Health
Health related information
Bioinformatics links
Bioinformatics link directory
BioResearch Catalogue of reviewed Internet resources covering the biological and biomedical sciences
Family village Disability realted resources
Info about US federal government grants
GrantsNet One stop source for grants
BioSociety The European commission quality of life and management of living resources
Acronyms and Abbreviations Searchable database of acronyms and abbreviations
Genome Collective Distributed computing
Statistical Methods Web pages where you can learn an perform statistical calculations! 
Unit Conversion Conversion of units
Currency Converter The universal currency converter
MedicineNet Disease and medical information
PathWeb  An excellent site for diseaes, pathology and imaging resources
AminoAcids Physical, chemical and structural information on amino acid
Genetic Code Genetic code in all species
GeneClinics Information about genetic testing, diagnosis of inherited disorders
Connecting people and projects in science and technology
Statistics Online Compute Resources
Journal of Improbable Research Journal of Improbable Research
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