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The objective of this site is to be a one stop location where one can find most of the freely available internet resources related to genomics and bioinformatics.  Although lots of free resources are available on the web, hunting for a desired application often takes time, frustrating  and probably don't find the best one you are looking for.  Over the last few years we have accumulated hundreds of book marks related to this field.  We decided to organize these book marks and the outcome is this web site.  For now these resources are grouped into 18 major categories as listed above and on the home page.  The number and organization of categories may change with the availability of new information.  We tried to make this site with maximum coverage of this field as possible, but errors and omissions are expected (please read the disclaimer).  So, hopefully this is your last stop in your hunt to find relevant information and is useful to you as it was for us.  We welcome any comments and suggestions for improvement of the site.  Let us know about any site that we may have missed to list here.

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